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Netnice-2.2 Beta for FreeBSD 4.11 and FreeBSD 5.4 has been r

We have released the packages for FreeBSD 4.11 and for FreeBSD 5.4.
We have also developed an automatic build system, which automatically takes weekly snapshots. Please come to for the latest

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2005-07-28

Netnice-2.2Alpha has been released!!

The package supports FreeBSD5, FreeBSD4, Linux, NetBSD, and OpenBSD. We really appreciate your alpha testing. Further release schedule is available at our project homepage.

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2005-02-13

FreeBSD5.3 Support

We are trying to port the netnice kernel module to FreeBSD 5.3. The last SNAP includes an experimental patch. We would really appreciate your bug reports and patches, if any. Patches for OpenBSD, NetBSD, Linux, and MacOS X will follow, soon.


Posted by Takashi Okumura 2004-10-06

WANTED: Linux Kernel Developer!!!

We are looking for talented Linux kernel developers who may join the porting of
Netnice kernel module built on FreeBSD onto Linux.

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2004-08-16

Netnice Packet Filter!!

Netnice Packet Filter is a BPF-compatible packet filter code for Netnice.
You can tap any Virtual Network Interface, and monitor process/socket activities.

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2003-11-19

CVS Repository

data synchronization between the primary CVS server and the secondary anonymous CVS server takes several days :-(
please use the primary via pserver access for the
latest copy of source code.

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2003-09-18


Welcome to the homepage for netnice developers!

Please visit our project homepage, also.

Posted by Takashi Okumura 2003-09-17