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netjuke 1.0b12 released


1. You MUST run the installer to UPGRADE TO or INSTALL 1.0b12

+ See netjuke/docs/UPGRADING.txt or INSTALL.txt for details

+ Upgrade process is required for existing users as to upgrade
the netjuke database backend to 1.0b12, which brings quite a
few database-level changes.

This will be done automatically and will not affect your
existing data in any way.... read more

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-03-24

netjuke featured in Linux Magazine

To my great surprise, someone on the netjuke-users mailing list told me that the netjuke was featured as a "Zonker's Product Pick" in the Linux Magazine edition for March 2002.

Thank you Joe (the reviewer) for your kind words, and hoping that this will entice others to run the netjuke if they aren't already. :o)

Cheers to all, and once again, thank you for your continuous support.

Stephane Daury - Netjuke Lead Developer

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-02-28

netjuke 1.0b11 - Major Change

The new version 1.0b11 is available for download from

Official Change Log is at

- Existing users currently running 1.0b9 or 1.0b10
DO NOT NEED to run the upgrade process of the
installer to upgrade to 1.0b11.

- Major change and feature enhancement! Data
display fix. DO READ the changelog, for
important information.... read more

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-02-28

Netjuke 1.0b9 released

The new and improved netjuke 1.0b9 was just released. The new version adds support for Internet Radio Stream integration (Quicktime/Drawin SS4, mod_mp3, etc.), some batch editing functions for administrators and editors, and more. Enjoy!

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-02-19

netjuke-1.0b8released: Major improvements!

The new 1.0b8 version brings numerous bug fixes, performance improvements, database changes, and feature upgrades and additions. The previously separate installer/upgrader module is now part of the netjuke download. See the change Log for more info, and enjoy the new release.

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-02-02

netjuke-1.0b7 released: MAJOR!

The beta 7 of the netjuke has just been uploaded, and is available for download from all the listed mirrors.

The new 1.0b7 version, among other things, brings a major security fix (previously provided in 1.0b6.2), and a complete re-architecture of the Recursive Audio File Finder. See the change Log for more info, and enjoy the new release. :o)

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-26

netjuke-1.0b6: Security Patches

Please see the following url to download and install the available patches for you netjuke install. 1.0b6.2 is an IMPORTANT security fix, while 1.0b6.1 helps with the Recursive File Finder.


Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-23

netjuke 1.0b6 released

That's it, this is the version everyone on the list seems to be pleased with, on all supported platforms, and for all types of music tagging and audio formats. Improved recursive audio file finder and M3U playlists, new database maintenance tools, etc much much. See the home change log for more info, and ENJOY!

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-20

netjuke 1.0b5 released

Feature many code enhancements and bug fixes such as better ID3 support for mac users and users with enormous music collections, major performance improvements throughout, updated help and docs, simplified installer, and more. Check the home page and change log for more info. Enjoy!

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-16

netjuke 1.0b4 released

This is a maintenance release to cope with minoer bugs, and a file corruption issue of the netjuke tarball that occurred on the sourceforge download site only.

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-12

netjuke 1.0b3: bug in first upload to site

A small bug was found in the first release of netjuke-1.0b3.tar.gz. Please download again if you did so before 2002-01-11 @ 15:10 PST (first 15 minutes). Sorry...

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-12

netjuke 1.0b3 released

The new beta version the netjuke is here, and now supports ID3v2.x tags, Ogg Vorbis files, pictures for tracks, artists and albums, and many more feature enhancements. Check the change log for more info. Enjoy!

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-11

Netjuke 1.0b2 released

Artekopia just released the version 1.0b2 of the Netjuke, their Web-based Audio Streaming Jukebox, including such new features as a Random Music Selector to generate playlists (which can optionally be filtered by genre), and a new optional "file download" feature that administrators can toggle ON/OFF. See the Change Log on the site or the docs/ directory for more info. See the Online Demo on our site for a preview. Enjoy!

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-06

Netjuke 1.0b1 release: Hello World!

Artekopia is proud to bring you their first Open Source / Free Software project, the Netjuke, a Web-Based Audio Streaming Jukebox designed to provide a centralized and searchable repository of music to individuals, and/or small communities (family, company, school, hotel, etc.).

The server-side components and installer are powered by PHP, and an increasing choice of databases.

The interface is Web-based, can be accessed through a Javascript & Cookies enabled browser and tries to escape the filesystem metaphor other products are adopting.

Posted by Stephane Daury 2002-01-03