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NetEvoX User Guide

Although it might seem a little premature, I have released the first version of the NetEvoX user guide which should be available under the files section. This details all the features in v1.0 and the application will soon be updated with these features. Once that is out the door some much needed attention will be placed on libnetevo which will have a big overhaul before v1.0 later this month.

Posted by Thomas Gorochowski 2010-08-12

NetEvoX lives

Finally an alpha release of NetEvoX is available. This has been built using the openFrameworks library for visualisation and is wrapped in a simple Cocoa user interface for Mac OS X. At present development will be exclusive to Mac OS X, however, the underlying code is all portable C++ which means porting to other platforms should be fairly easy in the near future.

Posted by Thomas Gorochowski 2010-07-20

Refactoring and System Interfaces

Having used the framework in the past few months it became apparent that there was a lack of functionality in a couple areas that required updates to the interfaces that were in place for the initial release (0.1). To help correct this we are in the process of updating these while also incorporating a new ODE solver (CVODE) and enabling node and edge parameters which will make the definition of specific types of experiment much easier! All in all this means that the framework may not be functional for the next few days as we finalise the changes and update previous dependant code.

Posted by Thomas Gorochowski 2010-01-31

Updated Website

I have finally got around to updating the Website to include some background information on how NetEvo works and a couple basic animations of it in action.

Focus will now be directed to cleaning up the interfaces, updating the automake installation process and enabling some basic functionality in NetEvo X over the holiday period... exciting times :)

Posted by Thomas Gorochowski 2009-12-15

And so it begins...

After finally having some spare time to sort out development environments at university and home, I have got around to uploading the back-end libnetevo source! This still requires a lot of work to get it in a fully stable and widely building state but it is a start. With this now public we welcome any help from others that are interested in complex network evolution. Hopefully this holiday period can see a clean-up and agreement on 0.1 release interfaces.

Posted by Thomas Gorochowski 2009-11-19

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