#533 get_tm_bandsize: permission denied


In Netatalk 3.0.5 I see a lot of those errors in syslog:

get_tm_bandsize("/xxx/xxx.sparsebundle/Info.plist"): Permission denied

As I see, Time Machine creates images that are only readable by its owner, so afpd has no access to the Info.plist.


  • Tom Kishel

    Tom Kishel - 2013-10-18

    I've been poking at this code, because I'm looking at get_tm_used() which reads all of the sparsebundles. I noticed that when I added a stat() call to read the ownership of the Info.plist file, it failed with a permission error since stat() requires execute permission on the path of the file its reading.

    Now, I don't know what the permissions -should- be, but wrapping the code with become_root() and unbecome_root() addressed the permission issue. Possibly the developer assumed that each user would be redirected into a private directory where they owned all of the files?

    • Marc Thielemann

      Marc Thielemann - 2013-10-21

      For the moment I fixed it using "directory perm = 0750" in afp.conf. This seems to work quite well and because we use encrypted disk images it seems not to be a security problem.


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