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Java is getting to slow and for what i want, Processing isn't really that good for games so it seems, and a lot of people still have Java 1.4...
So I'm porting to C# with SFML now!

Posted by Vincent Goossens 2010-05-04

Alpha is out!

There you have it, the rule making can begin.
Indeed, currently there are no automated or refined rules, you'll need to write down the HP and direct propper card placement yourself.
A basic idea of the rules can be found in the video were this project is based on.

i'm probably also gonna add some more card types.

some stuff
New cards come in the green square.
Cards placed in the red square are removed from the game.
Try to not place cards too far out of the atmosphere, they might fall offscreen when rotating.

Posted by Vincent Goossens 2010-04-19