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New builds on the way

While we recently released updated documenation, the current binary build that is posted is quite old. A new binary build should be posted by this weekend though!

Posted by Bruce Mitchener 2005-06-15

Nebula2 First Checkin

For the brave and the daring: head to the Nebula Device CVS repository and check out the new Nebula2 stuff! All-new gfx and scene graph subsystems with shader centric architecture. Fully supports DX9 High Level Shaders and other goodies. Disclaimer: this is early code and may blow up in your hands. Have Fun!

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2003-03-16


I've removed the old releases from the files section. They were way too old, and just caused confusion. The (usually stable) CVS code is available either from the CVS, or as a daily updated snapshot at

Getting a new release out is important, and should be done soon. Finding a suitable moment to make releases is difficult as Nebula is always growing, and there always seems to be some new improvement ahead that should be in the next release. But enough excuses, the plan now is to just make releases on a regular basis, maybe monthly. These will probably be little more than snapshots of the CVS, but there will be compiled binaries to help people get a quick idea of what Nebula is like.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2003-02-22

Latest Changes in Nebula

There have been a lot of changes in Nebula recently. For those of you that aren't on the CVS notification mail list, there is a list of them here, and the CVS change log is available here Most of the work has been merging in code from the version of Nebula used in Project Nomads, but there have also been some changes to the build process.... read more

Posted by Leaf Garland 2003-01-15

Nebula Wiki Page

There is a wiki site for Nebula. It's only just started, but there is already useful content. Get stuck in, read and contribute.

Many thanks to Ling Lo for setting this up.

The site's presentation is still being worked on so forgive us if it looks a little rough.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2002-07-23

Getting & Compiling Nebula

I know that the releases of nebula have been slow, this is mostly because of time constraints, but also because I was hoping people would get into using the CVS code. If you use the CVS code then I don't have to worry about releases and you get all the latest changes straight away.

It's quite simple to get hold of the source code from CVS. If you don't want to use a CVS program then there is a daily updated tar-ball available at Once you have got the source code then windows users should also get the from, and extract it on top of the source. Now read nebula/doc/source/compiling.txt for instructions on how to compile.... read more

Posted by Leaf Garland 2002-06-22

New RadonLabs code merge

Big Nebula Device merge orgy today with new stuff from RadonLabs. Check out the relnotes.txt file for what's new and what's changed. I hope I didn't break too many things during the merge, but expect it will take a few days before things have settled again. Code maintainers and contributors, please drop me (floh) a mail if you're stuck or simply have questions. I'll also try to add a few more doc files covering some of the new code and features during the next few weeks, and maybe add a tekdemo or 2. Have fun :)

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2002-02-19

Nebuladevice CVS available as tarball

There's a daily updated tarball of the CVS code available at

Hopefully this will help those who are having trouble with cvs.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2002-01-04

Flat Terrain

Ken Melm's Flat Terrain object has been added to Nebula's CVS. Thanks to Mike Bresnahan for sorting out the latest changes and getting it into the CVS.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-12-21

New Nebula Release

For those of you who haven't been keeping track of the CVS code, here's a new complete install file for win32. I'll upload a src only release for linux and win23 soon.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-09-30

Shadow subsystem added to Nebula Device.

CVS has been updated with the latest RadonLabs stuff. Apart from a bunch of bug fixes the new feature of the day is a stencil buffer based shadow system, plus infrastructure which should simplify adding other shadow casting techniques. Check out the new shadow tekdemo and of course relnotes.txt.


[off for a week in the mountains :)]

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2001-08-18

Major CVS update.

Big checkin today of RadonLabs changes. The D3D8 server has been fixed, and a new animation channel subsystem has been implemented, plus lots of little optimizations, additions and bugfixes. See /doc/source/relnotes.txt and /doc/source/channels.txt for details, especially if you derived your own nVisNode subclasses. I also added our current tekdemos and a few essential doc files to CVS, so that it will be easier in the future to keep them uptodate.
Let me know if I forgot something :o)

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2001-07-22

Use the lists, luke...

I'd like to move towards using the mail list for nebula discussion and questions, it's a lot easier to reply, especially for people who aren't on permanent/fast connections.
I'm still monitoring the forums and the posts already there are a good source of information, but perhaps we could start posting on the list a little more often?

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-05-24

CVS changes now posted to list

The CVS changes are now posted to the cvs mailing list
Subscribe if you want to keep abreast of development.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-05-24

CVS updates: texture loading and DirectInput

The OpenIL texture loading in class nGlTexture has been fixed to also work under Linux with the nVidia drivers. Leaf checked in Mat Tiveys mouse handler code for nDXInputServer. Everything still experimental of course.

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2001-04-26

CVS sources updated.

Doh, I love it! Spending 10 minutes on a super polished news item, and hitting submit tells me that the server could not be found. Here's the short version: I just checked the latest Radon Labs fixes into the CVS. Notable changes include EXPERIMENTAL support for OpenIL to load OpenGL textures (get the stuff from, the links libs go to /code/lib/win32_blabla, and the dlls (ilut, ilu and openil) go to /bin/win32), and there's also some doxygen support. Check out /code/doxycfg. The sources may not compile yet under Linux, will be fixed ASAP. Now submit, button! :o)

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2001-04-03

Documentation Update

Tom Miskiewicz has very kindly been translating some of the German comments to English, he has also changed them to match the doxygen style comments that are being used in Nebula now. So far some of the kernel classes have been done and I've updated the CVS with them. Many thanks to Tom for this.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-03-20

CVS server reanimated.

CVS should work now again. I have imported the 28-Feb-01 source tree which is in no way a tested or stable release, I guess that's ok, since CVS is meant that way. We will still make "official" source tarball releases frequently which will contain a somewhat stable and tested snapshot of the source. For a quick overview: the obsolete classes have gone as promised, and there's a half completed nd3d8server contained which also led to some minor changes in the vertex buffer and index buffer code. This stuff has NOT yet been tested under Linux. After the checkout you have to do a "tclsh84 updsrc.tcl" to generate the missing build files before compiling. Have fun :o)

Posted by Andre Weissflog 2001-02-28

3DS Max Exporter

I have updated the max exporter, with the missing header file, and also added a dll of njointanimtime so you can check out the bones export.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-01-11

3DS Max Exporter

The first release of Kritzelkratz 3000's Max exporter has been added. This plugin exports your Max scenes to Nebula files. It currently exports static objects, ipol based animations and jointed animations (Character Studio or Bones).

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-01-10

CVS Development Started

I've created a module in the CVS repository called 'nebula'. At the moment this is just the source code from 16-Dec-00 linux release, so there is no need to rush and check it out.

Posted by Leaf Garland 2001-01-09

Maya 2 Nebula Converter

Whitegold has released an update to the Maya2Nebula converter. More details at

Posted by Leaf Garland 2000-12-06