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NDoc3 / News: Recent posts

NDoc3 B3 released

The third NDoc3 beta are now released. It includes full .NET 3.5 support. And supports C# and VB.NET syntax in the documentation.

Posted by Xharze 2009-05-05

NDoc3 Beta 2 Released

NDoc3 Beta 2 has now been released. It includes full support for C# 3.5. Only the MSDN Documenter has been released, and only C# syntax is available at the moment.

Posted by Xharze 2008-11-08

NDoc3 Beta Release

At last the NDoc3 beta has arrived. It has full support for generics and Visual Studio 2008 solutions. At the moment only the MSDN and XML documenter are implemented, only online SDK links and only C# syntax are supported. The documentation supplied is taken from NDoc and are not fully up to date with NDoc3.
Please report any bugs using the bug tracker.

Posted by Xharze 2008-07-15

Get development updates on NDoc3 blog

To make it easier to post big and small news, a NDoc3 blog has been created. Go to to see it, and/or comment on the post

Posted by Xharze 2008-02-14

Alpha Release Expected Soon And Wiki Up

As most of the generics have been implemented, we expect to release a alpha version in a week, maybe two.
Also content are added to the Wiki,, which at the moment is the place only to get all new information about the project.
We are working on a website.

Posted by Xharze 2008-02-03

Project Start

I just started working on the project, and I've realized that there is a lot more work to do than I imagined. The goal in the first release is to make it work with .NET framework 3.0 and above, and to load solution files from Visual Studio 2005 and 2008.

Posted by Xharze 2007-12-14