no WPA, compatibility issue?

  • FdB

    FdB - 2006-08-04

    I have noticed that the highest use-able ndiswrapper version is 1.14 - I did not check the higher odd numbers. In this instance I use a Dell Latitude CP M233XT and the linksys WPC54G-v2 (Broadcom 4306) adapter. I have the latest WPC54G Windows software driver (version 1.31) available for this card. I use(d) various versions of wpa_supplicant up to and including 0.4.9.

    Any higher version then 1.14 does not see that the drivers support WPA as well as association is not possible.

    I use(d) Linux 2.4.20-32 and 2.6.16-17. All prerequisites where satisfied.

    With version 1.14 and lower, everything works fine.


    • gibus_92

      gibus_92 - 2006-08-13

      I am using a WMP54G from Linksys (broadcom43xx)on SUSE 10.0 with ndiswrapper-1.23, wpa_supplicant_0.5.4 and I have also noticed strange behaviours like :

      • no association with access point
      • association succeed, but got a strange IP address like always (already used by another host)

      Try this : uninstall and reinstall your driver with the commands :

      ndiswrapper -e driver
      ndiswrapper -i driver.inf

      and recheck.

      • FdB

        FdB - 2006-08-13

        Did so, no change.

        It is just as if after 1.14 a change in de code has been introduced which breaks things.

        Beside the troubelsome boot up, the bcm43xx kernel module works equally well.

    • Giridhar Pemmasani

      You need to use '-Dwext' instead of '-Dndiswrapper' with 1.14 or newer version of ndiswrapper.


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