Further development of ndiswrapper

  • Dirk

    Dirk - 2010-07-26

    Hello ndiswrapper gurus,

    recently I installed SuSE 11.3 on my computer with a recent Kernel (2.6.34 or
    so). I was a little bit disappointed, as ndiswrapper didn't work out of the
    box, as it used to with older versions.

    The wext interface, which is used by ndiswrapper, seems to be declared
    deprecated now. There are other issues too, that need to be solved, like the
    changed usb functions and there's no labeled version with the 64bit patch.

    Although there's an increasing number of native drivers for wireless devices,
    I think ndiswrapper is still needed for some time. I would be glad to hear
    (and see), that ndiswrapper continues to offer the chance to use wifi devices
    without proper linux drivers.

    If the project is still alive, I'd like to contribute to it, maybe by
    implementing the nl80211 stuff or testing new versions (but perhaps I'm
    overrating my skills)

    Please tell the ndiswrapper community your further plans.

  • J.M. Becker - TechZilla

    I'm also VERY concerned with NDISwrapper's continued reliance on WEXT (wireless-extensions). Has any progress been made, in regards to switching over to a non-depreciated nl80211/cfg80211 interface?


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