#3 2.2-b2 Install Problem; Menu Missing


This may be two bugs, or it may be one bug with two
parts. I can't analyze them separately, so I'm
reporting them together. First, I had trouble
installing 2.2-b2. Second, the module often fails to
appear in the Tools contextual menu.

This is all under Forte 3.0 (NetBeans 3.2) with JDK
1.4 under Windows 2000 SP 2.

2.2-b2 Install Problem:

I already had 2.2-B1 installed. I tried to use the
Update Center to manually install the .nbm from 2.2-
b2. At step 2 in the Update Center Wizard, "Select
Modules to Install," no module was shown. I believe
2.2-b2 has the same internal version as 2.2-B1, so
Update Center decided there was nothing new to update
to. At least, they both say 'release="-1"
specversion="0.2.1"' in the module entry created in
~/modules/installedModules.xml. To be honest, I don't
know the details of how Update Center decides what is

Workaround: Manually uninstall 2.2-B1. To do so, I
first disabled nbCheckStyle
(at "Tools/Options/Modules/Editing/Checkstyle
module") and closed Forte. Then, I removed the module
entry from ~/modules/installedModules.xml, and deleted
the files ~/modules/checkstyle.jar and
~/modules/ext/checkstyle-all-2.2.jar. I then started
Forte again and was able to install 2.2-b2 using the
Update Center Wizard as usual.

I based this workaround on notes at

Menu Missing:

Once I had 2.2-b2 installed as above, the CheckStyle
menu item in the Tools contextual (right-click) menu
often fails to appear when I expect it to be there.
Here's a scenario.

I right-click a file (either a plain .java or a GUI
form .java/.form file pair) in the "Explorer
[Filesystems]" window, and "CheckStyle" is missing
from the Tools menu. I then open the file in the
editor and right-click the editor window -
the "CheckStyle" choice is still missing from the
Tools menu. I return the to the "Explorer
[Filesystems]" window and expand the file name one
level, exposing the class object. I left-click once
on the class object to select it, then return to the
editor window. In the editor window I then right-
click and "CheckStyle" now appears OK in the Tools
menu. I return to the "Explorer [Filesystems]" window
and select something unrelated to the GUI form.
Finally, I return to the editor window and a right-
click still shows "CheckStyle" fine under the Tools

It appears that, once the "CheckStyle" menu somehow
gets associated with the .java file, it remains
available. But only as long the file remains open in
the editor. Once I close the file, I have to go
throught the routine above to get to the CheckStyle
menu again - I can't simply right-click the file in
the Explorer window.

I know you're focused on newer versions of NetBeans,
so if there's anything I can do to help debug this or
other old-platform problems, please let me know. I'm
finding CheckStyle to be useful from the command line,
but I'd really like to integrate it into Forte if at
all possible.



  • Paul Goulbourn

    Paul Goulbourn - 2002-05-20

    Logged In: YES

    The install issue is a combination of an error in the Beta
    2.2 manifest (fixed now) and the change in packaging. Early
    copies of NBCheckstyle installed themselves in a
    non-standard location - this was fixed for version 2.2B1
    and above, but users upgrading may find they need to
    manually remove any checkstyle.jar and
    checkstyle-all-2.1.jar files.

    The missing menu I will investigate further.

  • MacFarland Hale

    MacFarland Hale - 2002-05-28

    Logged In: YES

    I was able to install 2.2.1 over 2.2-b2 with no trouble at all. Much
    smoother! Thanks.

    The availability of "CheckStyle" in the "Tools" contextual menu is
    still a little flaky. In the editor window, sometimes CheckStyle is
    available right away, other times I have to right-click a couple of
    times. In one case (the .java half of a GUI form .java/.form pair),
    I had to right-click several times, often on the tab of the filename
    in the editor window. Eventually, CheckStyle showed up. I never
    had to resort to the weirdness of clicking the "class" component
    in the Explorer window as described in the original bug report.

    CheckStyle is never available in the contextual menu in the
    Explorer window except after it is available in the editor window
    for that file. Once the file is closed in the editor, CheckStyle is
    no longer available for that file in the Explorer window. It seems
    the file must be open in the editor for CheckStyle to be available
    in any menu.

    Again, Forte 3.0 (NetBeans 3.2), latest Jumbo Patch (3.3?),
    JDK 1.4 under Windows 2000 SP 2.

    Now that the install problem is clearly separate from the menu
    problem, perhaps this bug should be split into two bugs?

  • MacFarland Hale

    MacFarland Hale - 2002-06-13

    Logged In: YES

    I've found a consistent way to get CheckStyle to show in the
    Tools right-click menu. If I have more than one file open in the
    editor, I simply go to another open file and then back.
    CheckStyle then shows up in the menu.

    Perhaps this provides another data point to track the problem
    down. At the very least, this workaround is pretty simple and
    reliable, so it's much more pleasant to use now.


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