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Tracker is open!


I have opened up tracker for anyone who may want to contribute to the project. Bug reports and feature requests are always most welcome - please don't be put off by the fact they are empty. Also if you feel something needs to be improved I would love to know - it's very much one of the reasons I'm uploading the betas!

Matty Out

Posted by MattyD 2012-02-08

Native Wifi on SourceForge

Just a quick note to say I'm not abandoning the thread on the AutoIt forums, ( I just thought it would be easier to manage the project from here. (availability of older versions / bug tracking etc.)

The current version here actually refers to the development of version 4. The current "current version" (v3.3) can be found either in the "archived versions" zip here or at the link immeadiately above.... read more

Posted by MattyD 2010-10-31