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AS400 Access for Development

I am currently without access to an AS400 system. I would like to have access to several AS400 systems, preferably in different languages. If you can help by granting me access for testing and development purposes, it would be greatly appreciated.

Posted by James C. Richardson 2006-05-22

Release 0.18

This release adds full language support and a revamped install script. Included languages are only English and German (thanks to Boer, Andr) at the moment. If you would like to help me create a language definition, email me and I will give you the list of things I need converted.

Posted by James C. Richardson 2004-09-30

Release 0.17

This important update takes a step toward being more language independent! Thanks to Boer, Andr for all his continued help! All variables except CJ, MSG and OUTQ should work regardless of your language. Also a new variable called LOGIN has been added. It simply checks to make sure a login can be accomplished. Use this for creating service dependencies so that if for some reason a login can not be accomplished, all your AS400 monitored services do not send you alarms!

Posted by James C. Richardson 2004-09-25

Release 0.16

This release fixes several bugs and adds three new abilities. You can now check number of active jobs, check that a sub system is running, and check that a job is in the system. Also a debugging layer has been added to help you and me solve problems.


Posted by James C. Richardson 2004-09-18

Release 0.15

This release fixes several login errors. Thanks to Goran Almvik for alerting me to this problem.

Posted by James C. Richardson 2003-07-24

Release 0.14

Version 0.14 is released. This release adds detection support to the login procedure for expired and expiring passwords. Enjoy!

Posted by James C. Richardson 2003-07-17

Initial Release

Nagios AS400 Plugin is Released!

I currently have this plugin in production use at a local hospital.

If you find this plugin usefull, please let me know!


Posted by James C. Richardson 2003-07-10

Project Files

I have nearly completed the Documentation and will post the plugin and documentation within the next couple of days. If your waiting on this plugin, send me an email and tell me to hurry up!

Posted by James C. Richardson 2003-07-08

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