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NaruGo Go Game Java AI / News: Recent posts

NaruGo 9*9 CGOS bot active after 0.9.26 release

CGOS usage starts from 0.9.26 release.
CGOSMoveGenerator defines used logic for NaruGo nick in CGOS 9*9 server.

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2007-11-29

0.4.6 beta published

EA fixes. Dropped gptreenode constraint definition possibility. Contains also latest simulations comparing
different mutator functions, results where however, nothing special (thats why zip is several megabytes).

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2006-04-01

0.2.4 beta published

Contains lot of additions and corrections compared to 0.0.1 beta.

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2005-12-21

narugo 0_01 beta published

Contains working EA simulatios for TSP, layout and prisoners dilemma. Not so working yet GnuGo 1.5 porting. And quite much misc stuff.

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2005-10-29

Next ver is 0_01 alpha

Next version is 0_01 alpha, hopefully 100 versions is enough change this beta.
Beta status is given when it plays and uses patterns, and part of reading/owl logics.

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2005-10-15

Project created

Files added soon.

Posted by Harri Salakoski 2005-10-07