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namefix 4.0 released

namefix 4.0 released

Posted by mem 2008-07-05 4.0 RC9 released

Posted by mem 2008-02-26

open for donations and latest ver = 4.0 RC4

Yes Im asking for donations. If you feel like showing me some grattitude for my hard work just drop a few dollars my way.

I will be sure to thank donators in my blog unless they wish to remain anonymous.

Posted by mem 2006-11-26

4.0 RC2 released


Posted by mem 2006-10-17

4.0 RC1 Released

major bug fixes, 2 new features.

Posted by mem 2006-09-23


Back after my lapse into NWN :P

Dir browsing works in recursive mode.
Few cleanups and several bug fixes, truncate working properly again.

Posted by mem 2006-09-16

3.9 released

genre and year tags added to mp3 mode.
id3v1 & id3v2 support completed.
GUI Funcation names simplified.
manual rename working again.

Posted by mem 2006-08-30

latest version

3.7, has id3v2 support.

Posted by mem 2006-08-28

3.6b released

alot of fixes and updates. seems to be suffering alot of lag atm - please bear with it. I think is doing some updates.

All future releases will be on sourceforge, now that I have figured it all out.

Posted by mem 2006-08-24