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NagMIN 2.0.1 Released

NagMIN 2.0.1 has been released to quickly replace 2.0.0 that had a problem with the installation script.

2.0.1 adds some additional features and fixes all known bugs.


Fred Reimers

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-10-13

NagMIN 2.0.0 Released

NagMIN 2.0.0 has been released. It adds a lot of functionality and fixes many of the bugs that have been reported.

Please read the release notes. Documentation is still spotty, but some volunteers have come forward so it's going to get better.


Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-10-10

NagMIN 1.5.0 Released

NagMIN is getting better and smarter thanks to those of you who are contributing suggestions and testing things out.

I still haven't gotten around to documentation. Not unusually for a programmer, but I'm waiting for things to calm down a little bit more.

A lot of new features have been added, bug fixes, and more coming. Expanded support of Extended Host Information will be coming thanks to the request received today.... read more

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-05-31

NagMIN 1.3.2 Bug Fix Release

NagMIN 1.3.2 fixes problems with creating NagMIN databases with the setup utility along with some others.

It's strongly recommended that everyone upgrade to this release.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-04-30

NagMIN 1.0.10 Released

Logo Management is the big feature added to this release. You can view, delete and upload logo images from NagMIN into Nagios.

This release is the first "final" release. Only bug fixes and documentation will be included in the first stable release this week.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-04-13

NagMIN Beta 1.0.9 Released

1.0.9 adds more fields to the host, service and contact tables and handling for inheritance. Required unexpected major changes to the db schema, but should be worth it. Lots of bug fixes and better screen handling. Documentation is still lacking but there is limited help now on the first couple of screens.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-04-11

NagMIN 1.0.6 Beta Released

NagMIN 1.0.6 is out which locks down the database schema and features for the first stable release. The first stable release 1.1.0 is targeted for 4/15 that will fix known bugs and provide documentatoin. Help with testing is appreciated so that as many bugs as possible can be corrected. Check the release notes by clicking the release name above the file download listing.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-04-04

NagMIN Release 1.0.4

This release fixes some bugs and adds the ability to scan a network and have NagMIN add the hosts and ports to Nagios for monitoring.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-03-31

NagMIN 1.0.1 Beta Released

The first release of NagMIN is now available from the NagMIN home page. I need to learn more about how SourceForge handles releasing revisions.

I'm using NagMIN in a production environment, so I'm calling it beta. I hope you like it and am looking for feedback.

Posted by Fred Reimers 2003-03-27

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