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nagiosgraph 1.4.4 released

This release includes an install script as well as deb and rpm packages. A generic map rule was added that will parse output from any standards-compliant plugin. Data sources can now be identified by database, service, and/or host. Most RRD create and graph parameters can now be applied globally or to individual combinations of host, service, database, or datasource.

Posted by Matthew Wall 2011-01-16

nagiosgraph-1.4.0 released

Many updates from Matthew Wall regarding the HTML/Javascript used to control what time periods, etc. get shown on the page's graphs.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2010-01-18

nagiosgraph-1.3.3 released

This is just a perlcritic inspired cleanup. There shouldn't be any functional changes.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2009-12-08

nagiosgraph-1.3.2 released

Adds support for customization of graphs based on service.
Adds buttons for changing the graph size.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2009-11-18

nagiosgraph-1.3.0 Released

This release addresses the - (and other characters) in hostnames issue.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2009-05-13

nagiosgraph-1.2.0 released

New feature release, including support for tracking and graphing minimum and maximum values, support for RRD scaling in the graphs, graph user selectable data items; as well as a few bug fixes.

Posted by Alan Brenner 2009-01-28

nagiosgraph-1.1.3 released

directory permissioins bug and documentation update

Posted by Alan Brenner 2008-12-22

nagiosgraph-1.1.2 Released

Summary of changes since 0.9.0:

* Update to fix JavaScript navigation menu problem reported (and fix provided) by Alex Semenov.
* Add map entries to avoid unuseful timeouts, etc. from Eric Gerbier.

* Change the calls to RRDs::error to RRDs::error() to maybe fix a bareword error that was reported on the help forum.
* Add more tests (pod and kwalitee checks).

* Fix only process one line bug when used via service_perfdata_file.
* Move all subroutines into and add more tests.
* Separate graph creation from show.cgi into showgraph.cgi (now show.cgi, showhost.cgi and showservice.cgi just build HTML and call showgraph.cgi).
* Update configuration documentation for upgrades to hopefully clarify that the only configuration change in the executable scripts is done via the 'use lib ....' line at the beginning of each script.... read more

Posted by Alan Brenner 2008-11-06

nagiosgraph-0.9.0 Released

* Navigation - browse all available graphs.
* Performance: Only open log file once
* Debug by keyword level instead of number level

nagiosgraph-0.9.0.tgz signed by PGP key ID 0x3F7255C4

Posted by HTL 2007-06-28

nagiosgraph-0.8.1 Released

This is a bug-fix release of 0.8. nagiosgraph.css is now included. And a problem affected rrd with numbers in filenames has been fixed.

Posted by Soren Dossing 2006-04-08

nagiosgraph-0.8 Released

This new release includes two changes.

The first change is by idea from Doug Farley. When multiple datafiles are generated and updated from a single service check, the previous behaviour was to display data from all files in same graph. Instead graphs are now automatically split into one graph per datafile. This will make graphing of disks much easier in cases where multiple disks are checked by one servicecheck. Splitting graphs into for example MB and percent is still a manual process.... read more

Posted by Soren Dossing 2006-04-05

nagiosgraph-0.7 Released

This release fixed a critical bug for linux installations. And it includes further performance updates for significant less server load.

Posted by Soren Dossing 2005-10-27

nagiosgraph-0.6 Released

This release of nagiosgraph is a significant update. rrdtool binaries are no longer used, and RRDs perl modules are required. Also, the default way of feeding nagiosgraph is through a performance logfile buffer. This increases the the performance with a magnitude of 100X on large sites. The old and slower method of feeding data for immediate update through stdin is still supported.

Posted by Soren Dossing 2005-10-17

nagiosgraph-0.5 Released

Another minor update. New feature: Customizable heartbeat interval. Bug fix: Graph colors (again).

Posted by Soren Dossing 2005-06-23

nagiosgraph-0.4 Released

Been a while since last commit, so nagiosgraph is fairly stable now. This release include all the latest bug fixes, a new design for web frontend, and handles colors better.

Posted by Soren Dossing 2005-04-22

nagiosgraph-0.2 released

I have made a new release available for download. This includes several documentation updates, and fixes the delimiter bug. No new features are added, so users who already have nagiosgraph running do not need to upgrade.

Posted by Soren Dossing 2004-10-14