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Now supporting Silverlight 2+!

There is now a Silverlight 2.0 version of MyXls, as requested in the forums, and outlined at !

Posted by Tim Erickson 2009-08-20

New website w/Wiki!

Submit your own examples to help other users and enjoy a nicer, cleaner layout with our revamped website at -- thanks Todd!

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-07-09

Initial Read functionality is here!

v0.6.2 includes initial read functionality as well as numerous bug fixes - check out the changelog and release notes for details!

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-07-09

Read functionality is coming!

It's not all the way there just yet, but I just checked in code with the most basic read functionality (it successfully reads 1 cell at A1). It probably is able to do more, but only time and testing will tell. I also need to start adding some other things in the Read, like Formatting, etc.

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-03-03

Call for help!

If any of you care to see this project continue to develop, I would love to have any and all help. I all but completely gave up working on the project for the last month or so because I needed to try my hand at different projects. It seems I'm unable to give it up completely, though. But I'm no longer able to give it the time I have in the past. So to keep it rolling, I need community involvement. That community starts with you! No help (or skill) too small. Email me via and let's get to it!

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-02-21

Locking cells now supported!

I've just checked in code that has initial support for locking cells. See my post at

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-02-21

Lots of new improvements in 0.6!

Check the Changelog for details, but this release is much more robust. Happy New Year and Merry Late Christmas!

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-01-07

Numeric bugs fixed!

Integers, doubles and floats are now written directly from .NET primitives via bitshing and the .NET BitConverter.

Posted by Tim Erickson 2008-01-07

Dev will resume in a few days - dev environment crash!

My dev machine (my laptop) drive crashed, and so development on the project will resume once I have restored my system (I'm taking the opportunity upgrading from XP to 2003). No progress should be lost - just a few days time.

Posted by Tim Erickson 2007-11-27

Size does matter! - Generate very large spreadsheets!

MyXls has now been tested to support generating files in excess of 35MB in size containing > 2.5MM populated cells.

Posted by Tim Erickson 2007-11-16

Samples, SummaryInformation and Bug fixes!

The new release 0.5.1 has some exciting new items:

Samples: A samples solution is now included with a website demonstrating the basics and some advanced uses. This will be expanded later.

SummaryInformation: SummaryInformation and DocumentSummaryInformation metadata is now 75% supported. This allows you to populate the items in the File->Properties dialog in Excel.

Enhancements: Added a Save convenience method to save the XlsDocument to disk.... read more

Posted by Tim Erickson 2007-11-07