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MyWebSQL / News: Recent posts

Version 3.7 is released

This is a maintenance release. Lots of bugs are fixes as reported by users, including those for nginx server running php in fcgi mode, postgresql table data import, sorting and pagination in queries, and lots of other minor fixes.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2016-10-01 Labels: 3.7 release

Version 3.6

Version 3.6 contains many improvements to the record editing functionality, SQLite related enhancements, better visual styles for editing, more SQL editor hotkeys and many other bug fixes.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2014-10-24

Version 3.5

Version 3.5 is released, with support for SQLite3 driver, improved query navigation using server side sorting and paging for all select queries, arabic translation and other important fixes.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2014-10-03

Version 2.9 is released

This version contains updated CodeMirror2 editor, better parellel tasking support with import/export dialogs, 3 new UI themes and lots of bug fixes

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2012-05-11

Version 2.8 is released

Version 2.8 contains data import from cvs file option, db batch operation module and quick search on info pages. Also SQLite support is improved and many bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2012-03-23

Version 2.8 is released

Version 2.8 contains data import from cvs file option, db batch operation module and quick search on info pages. Also SQLite support is improved and many bugs have been fixed.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2012-03-23

Version 2.7.6 is released

Minor update that fixes more issues with FastCGI servers login and updated codemirror2 editor

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2012-02-17

Version 2.7.5 is released

Version 2.7.5 mainly fixes various login/output issues for different server configuration scenarios. A new configuration option lets you change default interface language to one of your choice.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2012-02-08

Maintenance downtime on website and demo server

We will be carrying out maintenance on MyWebSQL website and demo server. Expect some downtime in next couple of days. We are sorry for inconvenience. You can continue to download latest files from sourceforge.


Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-11-27

Version 2.7 is released

This version contains most user requested features, like export to CSV,YAML formats, large database export functionality within php memory limit, result editor improvements, simple autoupdate check feature and lots of other minor fixes

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-11-27

Version 2.5 is out with SQLite support

Version 2.5 is released which includes support for managing SQLite databases through the interface. Most of the SQLite related functionality is present, except GUI based record editing and import/export. The MySQL server configuration file is also improved so that you can specify a specific driver to use with the each connection.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-10-30

Version 2.3 is released

This version include unobtrusive dialogs that can be minimized while you work on the main interface. You can add/edit multiple table using the wysiwyg editor at the same time and perform other operations in parallel.
Also includes changes to the way sql editor is created in the application. You can now add your favourite editor (e.g. ACE editor) in the application with minimum amount of work.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-09-24

Version 2.2 is released

MyWebSQL version 2.2 can be downloaded from sourceforge site now. It includes options to define multiple servers in configuration to see a list of servers at login page, and the feature to define and use session variables in queries. Also includes minor updates to table editor and other modules. Upgrade is recommended for all users

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-07-18

Version 2.1 is released

This is a minor update version, which include a new database search utility , various fixes to the index manager module, and improved loading times for all browsers.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-05-22

Version 2.0 is released

The final release of version 2.0 is now out!. Includes lots of bugfixes and improvements since the beta release. Upgrade is recommended for all users of beta 2.0.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-05-04

Translators required

MyWebSql requires translators from the open source community to help translate the software into various languages. If you have a basic knowledge of database or of mysql, please submit your contact information on MyWebSql website as soon as possible.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-05-02

Version 2.0 beta is released

Version 2.0, the major update to MyWebSql, enables completely multilingual interface for the application.
Also included are new tools to manage database users and privileges, table indexes and repair/optimize tables.
Text and blob field editing is now fully operational and simplified with other in-place record editing.
3 new themes are also added to the interface, including an 'Aero' style transparent theme.
Please give it a try and let us know your response.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-04-24

Version 1.8 is released

Version 1.8 of MyWebsql is available, including functionality to manage mysql5 'event' objects. The login page has been secured for non-ssl connections to send user information encrypted over the network. The interface themes have also been brushed up and improved than earlier versions.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-03-27

SVN Repository update

SVN repository has been re-arranged and now the latest code can be fetched from the 'trunk' branch.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-03-19

Version 1.7 is out

Major changes in this version includes full support for Internet Explorer 9, and the ability to add new records in wysiwyg mode. Mysql4 support is also updated.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-03-13

Version 1.6 is out

This version incorporated the most requested feature from user feedback. The wysiwyg table creator and editor. You can now create and alter tables easily from the interface without writing sql queries. Also included is quickstart tutorial section which gives quick overview of the functionality within a couple of minutes for new users.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-02-20

Quick bugfix patch for version 1.5

A few problems in the import/export modules are fixed in the patch, along with problems with binary data display for blob fields. All users are encouraged to apply the quick patch to their MyWebSql installation.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-02-02

Verson 1.5 is finally out

This is the most stable release containing lots of bug fixes since version 1.4 and 1.5 beta, improved user interface with multiple sql editors, rich syntax highlighting though out the interface and optimized scripts to speed up loading times on slow connections.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-01-29

Version 1.5 beta is out

Version 1.5 is now available. It adds multiple sql editors with hotkeys, syntax highlighting throughout the interface for sql output, and javascript compression to speed up loading and performance. Online demo of latest version is available at for you to tryout.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2011-01-23

Version 1.4 is released

Version 1.4 is now available. It adds some of the most requested features from mywebsql users and some minor fixes. The interface has been slightly updated to provide more space for queries and results and two more themes have been added.

Posted by Samnan Akhoond 2010-10-14