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MySQL OData 0.2 released

We've just uploaded MySQL OData 0.2.

There is now an interface for defining table references for using the OData-specific $expand option.
We've also fixed some bugs.

Please note that the documentation is not up-to-date for the added GUI interface. This will follow as soon as there is time for it.

Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-12-27

SCM Change to Mercurial

We are starting to use Mercurial Source Code Management from now on. Please note that we will keep SVN available for historical reason and lookup. Please update your sources to the new Mercurial repository.

Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-12-07

MySQLOData 0.1.2 alpha released

Please check our new downloads available. This is a development snapshot but it has all the latest bugfixes in it.
For security reasons in productive environments, you may want to remove /system/application/controllers/admin.php file.

Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-12-07

IdeaTorrent, place for your ideas

Hi again,

one other thing: we've opened an IdeaTorrent space to let you have a say about ideas for improving MySQLOData.

Please visit and post your ideas:



Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-11-19

Release 0.1.1 alpha

Hi folks,

check out our new 0.1.1 alpha release. This release includes also error handling, although the errors are not really documentated yet (sorry for that), but they are very self-explaining (HTTP error codes, according to OData specifications).
the release should basicly work for basic data retrieval things, including filters, selecting only some columns, etc., on tables and views. Also updating, inserting and deleting is already working.... read more

Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-11-19

First download available

Hi folks!

Please note that we have the very first download available. This release should be only used for testing purposes, but, anyway, try it out :-)

Here's the link to our project's download page:



Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-11-16

Searching for Alpha-Testers

Hi everyone,

do you need a MySQL OData library? What about testing our library? You'll get instant support through this project's ticket system usually within one business day.
If you would like to register, please do not hesitate to contact us via mail.



Posted by Korbinian Ober (tuxphr34k media) 2010-11-12