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MySQLfs 0.3.1 released

Repackaged 0.3 with schema.sql now included.

Posted by Michal Ludvig 2006-10-02

MySQLfs 0.3 released

We're proud to announce immediate availability of MySQLfs 0.3 with a huge set of changes. Release 0.3 is the first release that can be used as a real filesystem in all common ways. No crucial features are missing and it's a reasonably reliable data storage. Please test and report any problems you may come across to our mailing list!

Posted by Michal Ludvig 2006-09-23

Mailing lists are active

All users of MySQLfs are welcome to subscribe to our mysqlfs-general mailing list. In the top-level horizontal menu click on the item "Mail" and follow the instructions.

Posted by Michal Ludvig 2006-09-23