Andy Dustman - 2005-06-28

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No, it's practically impossible for this to be a MySQLdb
bug. MySQLdb does absolutely no parsing of your query, so
if aggregate functions are triggering it, it's in MySQL
itself (in the server). The reason you get an array is
because the resulting column is a BLOB. You should report
this here:

After you cursor.execute(), cursor.description is set to a
sequence of 7-tuples, one for each column in the result set.
The first two items are the column name and the column type.
The latter is a numeric field, corresponding to the column
types defined in mysql.h, or MySQLdb.constants.FIELD_TYPE.
You should include these in your bug report.

Also, you are using MySQLdb-1.1.6, which is a pre-release
version, so until you can reproduce this with 1.2.0, I'm not
taking any action on it.