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We are still not dead

Applied MariaDB compatibility patch by Anders Kvist.

Posted by camka 2012-03-08

HTML output supported

Use -html command line switch to output in fancy html format

Posted by camka 2009-04-21

Sorting by stat numbers (v.0.16)

Support for sorting by total, average or maximum numbers for slow queries.

Posted by camka 2007-01-28

New release 0.15beta

Implemented support for slow query log format. Now you can extract the most frequent queries from MySQL slow query log.

Posted by camka 2007-01-05

New features implemented

Now it's possible to output the statistics only for given types of queries like SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE or whatever else. New option -type is implemented it takes a comma separated list of query types as a parameter.

Another option is -top N, which allows to output only first N top queries, as usually these are the most intresting for analyzing.

Considering NULL values as variable and normalyzig them as regular variable data by replacing with {}.... read more

Posted by camka 2006-11-24

New version supports csv formatted query log

As mysql server 5.1 stores query log into system table of csv format, MyProfi is now able to parse this format and output the statistics for it as well.

Posted by camka 2006-11-12

Usable version released

Still no documentation, but added some output, describing how to use it in command line.

NB! Problems may occure with php5.1.6 on certain very long queries, php crashes on preg_replace call. It's a PCRE extension bug, can do nothing to fix it on my side. No problems observed with php5.2RC6 though.

Posted by camka 2006-10-23

MyProfi first release

Finally publically available the very first release. It's raw and uncommented. No manual, no examples, no nothing. Check the code itself. But will fix it soon.

Posted by camka 2006-10-13