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Bookmarks module Released

A Bookmark for MyPhpim is released
folder based, not unlike windows explorer
works on IE and Netscape.
it's possible to add bookmarks from outside
MyPhPim by adding a bookmarklet to your browsers' bookmarks.
see README-bookmarks in the sources for more info

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-07-26

MyPhPim-01.05 Released

This new version fixes several bugs for the sharing routines
and mysql table creation scripts

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-07-26

Chat Module Released

Chat module is released and can be downloaded
at :

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-06-09

MyPhPim-01.04 Released

This release adds basic Palm Pilot support and search functions to the addressbook, You can view the source
of mail messages, Some improvement in the calendar and mail.

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-06-09

MyPhPim-01.03 Released

MyPhPim-01.03 was released tonight
see the changelog for changes

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-05-20

MyPhPim-01.02 Released !

Some bug fixes and modularity has been added to this new release.

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-03-17

First Patch released

A little bug fix , myphpim was looking for monthnames in
a database table, but I thought its better to include
this in the php code instead of getting this info from a database, so I dropped the table, but forgot to change the code *grin* so please patch includes/ with

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-03-06

MyPhPim-01.01 Released

MyPhPim-01.01 is released !
It is far from finished.
This is my first real project. so bare with me
if you think the code looks a bit silly, Im learning :-)
But please DO leave a message and let me know
what you think about it.

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-03-02

Added Calendar functionality

-Added Calendar Functionality:
Day view and Month view
- Improvements in storing , deleting, and updating records

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2001-03-01

first release soon...

The first version of MyPhPim will be released as soon as I finished the calendar function.

Posted by Koen de Boeve 2000-12-19

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