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MyGeneration Code Generator

After months of slow and sporadic work, MyGeneration has now been released. Among other new features there is a new SQL execution tool much like query analyzer that will work with any supported database type. You can open generated code directly into it and execute from mygen. There is also a completely new upgraded user interface. A new plug-in architecture allows for third parties to build custom features directly into MyGeneration. The SQLTool and CodeSmith Converter are implemented as plugins for use as examples by anyone interested in building their own plug-in. Other features include simple intellisense/auto-complete and more refined error handling. ... read more

Posted by Anonymous 2007-12-06

MyGeneration Code Generator - First Open Source Release!

We've finally opened the popular MyGeneration code generator to the public. The first sourceforge release, which is almost the same as the current freeware release, is available now. We are looking for people to help clean up and enhance the application. If anyone is interested, please contact me.

Posted by Anonymous 2007-06-16