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First releases

The first things are released: the server and the website engine are both released (beta). The clients should come soon.

Mighty good job y'all! (r0x0r!)

Posted by Jilles Oldenbeuving 2002-06-13

MyCTS Going strong

The code for MyCTS is being developed right now ( > 80% activity!)... Just a few weeks and then the first alpha's will be completed! Stay tuned!

Posted by Jilles Oldenbeuving 2002-05-18

First code in CVS

The first code is in the CVS tree, it is a bare-essentials server for the ctsd deamon. Other things like the protocol and such are coming! Next week you might allready see them in the CVS tree!

Posted by Jilles Oldenbeuving 2002-04-13


The 25th of March we are going to start the design-phase of our project. So stay tuned! The project is also accepted at school wich is also a good thing!

Posted by Jilles Oldenbeuving 2002-03-23

myCTS - the beginning

We are currently in the planning statages of this project. Come back in a few weeks. Our project doesn't need any help (we will be running +/- 6 developers) but any help offered will be taken.

Posted by Jilles Oldenbeuving 2002-03-03