javax.scripting jsr 223 support ?

  • mortench

    mortench - 2009-06-14

    I am developing a web framework that interfaces to various scripting languages such as JRuby and Groovy using the standard javax.scripting api on Java6 (also available as a jsr 223 download for java 5).

    I would very much like to offer XQuery scripting support as well but it seems that MXQuery lacks support for the  javax.scripting api? Is this a planned feature for MXQuery ?

    P.S. Apparently releated XPath and XSLT solutions in the JDK has javax.scripting support as can be read on "".

    • Peter M. Fischer


      our main focus in terms of Java standard interfaces has been on XJQ (JSR 225), since this API gives the most comprehensive mapping from XQuery to Java and vice versa.

      When looking at JSR223, the most tricky part seems to be in the area of bindings and returning the result generated by the XQuery "script". The cleanest and most general solution would most likely consist of mapping JSR-223 operation onto XQJ, since such an implementation could be re-used by all XQuery engines supporting XQJ.

      We will look into a possible implementation, but I currently can not really make a promise how soon this will happen - maybe in the next release, but maybe also later.



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