MXQuery for Mobile

  • Anonymous - 2010-06-08

    I´m start in the mxquery. And I need this for cell phone. But, until now I can't anything. The midp source isn´t complete.
    So I will thank´s for some help.

  • Peter M. Fischer

    Dear Evandro,

    the code is complete, but might be organized in the different way than you would expect:

    midp_src (which you are likely referring to as "incomplete") only contains the files which are different/not present in the main code (src).

    When building the MIDP version using ant (see Documentation/BUILDING), the code from src and midp_src is merged, giving the full codebase, which is then built.

    You can achieve the same effect by calling the midp_prepare target, which will produce the merged code in the customtmp directory.

    We have taken this approach to cater for the platform differences that cannot be reconciled, while not having to rely on third-party tools.

    One more advice: I'd recommend testing the resulting J2ME jar/jad on an emulator before going to a real device. We often encountered bugs/restrictions on the devices that are hard to figure out.

    Hope that helps,
    (MXQuery Team)


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