Need Documentation and midp exampls MXQuery

  • ravibabu80

    ravibabu80 - 2007-09-26


    i have not found any documentation for the MXQuery, And There is no sample examples for cldc devices.

    if anybody having documentation for mxquery and samples please let me know.


    • Peter M. Fischer

      Dear Ravi,

      thanks for the interest in MXQuery.

      When looking at your post, I just noticed that we have packaged the wrong README.txt in the mxquery-src-0.4 package. We will fix that with the next version.

      Let me briefly quote out of the correct Readme:
              2) CLDC version
              ant 1.6.5 or newer required
              Sun WTK 2.2 or newer required (invoked via antenna, included in the
              Call ant build.xml midp_wtk, and mxquery_midp.jad/mxquery_midp.jar are
              built and placed into dist/
      Usage on mobile devices:
              Run mxquery_midp.jad/jar in your emulator or mobile device
              Runs successfully in WTK2.2 and WTK 2.5

      There is a (very simple) usage example in midp_src/ch/ethz/mxquery/mobile/

      Does this help?

      Best Regards,

    • ravibabu80

      ravibabu80 - 2007-09-28

      Hi pm_fischer,

                      Thank you for response to my post.Actually the example did not helping me.Actully what i have to do is, I'm having an XML file in mobile device, I don't know how to create the Doc object for that XML and pass it to the Query??.i have to query that xml and i have to do insert,delete,update.... the details like database.But there is no example of doing like that,But i found in source classes to do that like insert,delete,insertAfter..But i don't know how to use them in my midlet.If any example regarding that please send me.

      Ravi Babu

  • Rodney Barbati

    Rodney Barbati - 2012-08-01


    In general, input sources are not passed to xquery - the xquery generally pulls it.  What you can pass to an xquery are generally URI - pointers to your input source document.  i.e. file://some/path/to/document.xml for local files, http://host/path/to/document.xml.  For these types of sources, you would use the doc() function to "mount" the source - something like…

    for $myXML in doc(URIGoesHere)

    Hope this helps some.


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