Windows Media Player 11

  • bavan

    bavan - 2007-07-10


    1) Is it possible to connect with mvpmc loaded on a Hauppauge MVP box using GBPVR to connect to other PC's on my network to access shares created from in Windows XP mediaplayer 11. I'm not a Linux users and have very little knowledge about Linux to program something special into mvpmc. If I'm correct WMP11 has a lot of share and streaming functionalities so it would be nice to connect with MVP and have access on fotos, videos, mp3 etc without setting up specific servers.

    2) I'm also planning to buy a network TCP/IP disk storage unit with UPNP functionality and I-tunes server build in. Can I access such a unit from mvpmc?

    Thans in advance for the feedback.

    • MVallevand

      MVallevand - 2007-07-10

      Hi again Bavan.  I actually addressed this on a UPnP thread on GBPVR.  Yes, mvpmc can connect to a UPnP server and I've tested it with WMP11 on Vista.  However when the wireless drivers got added to the project, that took a lot of free memory and the size of the library you can view might be limited.  You also need a good network to do video because of the overhead that djmount imposes, it does a full http read for each block.

      Also note if you use a NAS or WMP11 with UPnP you will be limited to the native mvpmc formats
      mpeg1-2, mp3, ogg, flac and wav, because most of these devices don't support transcoding.



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