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Released version 0.2.3

This version should work with Ganymede.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-07-12

Released version 0.2.2

No new features, just bug fixes.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-06-21

Released version 0.2.0

Alveole Studio MVC Web Project version 0.2.0 is now released. This is still a beta version.

Version 0.2.0 integrates more struts 2 features (such as beans, interceptors, multiple packages...)

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-05-10

Online update-site

An update site was set up on URL

Use it to automatically install plugin on Eclipse.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-04-05

More docs

Installation has been documented (3 ways to install plugin).

Developer documentation has been put on line on web site.

API docs, extension points and main architecture has been documented.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-04-05

Released udate-site archive 0.1.0

To facilitate installation of the plugin, a zip file of an eclipse update-site has been released.

In eclipse, do "add update site archive" and select the zip file.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-04-03

Released version 0.1.0

Project was released on version 0.1.0.

This version is still beta but it is now reasonably usable.

I'll post further documentation in a few days. I'm waiting for some users reactions before releasing it in full stable version.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-03-31

Initial version

Initial version 0.1.0 is available under SVN repository.

It will be released soon after some little packaging.

Posted by Sylvain RIBEYRON 2008-03-27