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New branch for Win32!

Today I submit the first advance in the branch of Win32 code. MUTIS was created under .NET but the goal now is port it to Win32 & FreePascal.

You can acces it from SVN. Is unstable code.

Help is apreciate!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2008-01-08

MUTIS is accepting donations

MUTIS is accepting donations with the purpose of pay a couple of dedicated Delphi developers to move the project faster to cross-compile it to Win32/FreePascal.

Your help is welcome.

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2007-06-13

MUTIS Portable: Cross-compiling to Win32/..NET


I'm happy to announce the first steps to build MUTIS in both Win32/.NET from a single codebase and in a native way to both plataforms.

The alpha code is in subversion now.

Check it:



Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2007-02-23

Help to cross-compiling MUTIS to Win32/.NET/Linux

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2007-02-11

New mailing list for MUTIS

I change the mailing list to:

Join in!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-11-24

MUTIS Website down for a moment

I'm moving the website to a new server, so the project website is down but the project is alive!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-09-19

Improved demo

MUTIS new developer (malegre) improve the MUTIS demo application. New code available in the SVN repository!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-08-29

First BETA!

MUTIS release their first BETA of the library.

Please check it!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-08-24

Website is back to life!

After several weeks with the MUTIS website down, I move to a new server and bring the MUTIS website to life again!

The old URL is still valid. You can see the resurrected site here:

Old Url:
New Url:

(Both valids. I don't plan in deprecate the old url)

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-03-25

CVS Acces is down

Because the move to subversion repository acces, I disable the acces using CVS to avoid confusion and keep a single source code tree.

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-03-23

Changed to Subversion!

MUTIS is changing CVS to Subversion to share and acces the sourcecode. Our team use subversion internally and this help us in move the things more fast.

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2006-02-27

New release of AnyNET-Delphi

AnyNET-Delphi is a Reflector ( pluging that improve the Delphi dissamsembly pluging and permit output all the conversion to source code files. Is a handy tool for help in port open source projects to Delphi or learn .NET from other packages build with diferents languages than Delphi.

More info at

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-09-28

New developer join MUTIS

Eduardo Mauro join MUTIS development. He is working in the code for port MUTIS to Win32. Welcome!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-04-26

MUTIS ALPHA 2 Released!

New released was archived on time. Now indexing is working.

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-04-20

Really soon: MUTIS ALPHA 2!

I finish the indexing code and I'm working on produce the ALPHA 2 release. Next in the list is put to work the searching code to have a Beta and ready-to-work product.

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-04-19

MUTIS is making progress!

Despite the fact the main developer (me!) is sick (two weeks and counting) MUTIS have great progress this weeks. Now, almost all the unit-test of the indexing related code pass ok and is probable a release in nexts weeks.

Also, some folks are show interest and while still MUTIS is a 1-developer effort is having some basic help!!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-04-13


I post yesterday the most current sourcecode of MUTIS to Now can be accesed from this URL and in readonly way from a CVS client. If want write acces, please join the project

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-03-10

MUTIS Alpha 1 Released!

First release of MUTIS as be done. Visit for more info

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-03-05

Soon! Mutis in alpha stage!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-03-03

Mutis have homepage!

Mutis project have setup a homepage

While advances are done to the actual code, I'm building the fundation for the community interaction. So the homepage have everything is need like faqs, news, comments and include a nice logo ;).

Is mixed english/spanish so I hope everybody feel at home. Any suggestion or correction is welcome!

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-02-23

Mutis progress

I not release the Mutis code yet, but the project have a good progress. My plan is release it when *at least* can compile with not errors/warnings under Delphi 2005 (NET).

I hope have this level under the next week....

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-02-11

Mutis (Lucene port to Delphi) started

Mutis is a project to port Lucene/DotLucene to Delphi (.NET first then Win32).

Rigth now, the project is in alpha and I'm porting the code. I hope post a first release son. The expectation on this release is provide a "can compile with not errors and warnings" code, but is expected have logic bugs.

Apart of the port, because i'm a native spanish speaker I plan provide good support for index/parse spanish.... read more

Posted by Mario Alejandro M. 2005-02-01

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