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Musmap 0.9.0 released

Musmap 0.9.0 has been released.
This release introduce major consolidation of Musmap engine.
Some highlites:
- Easier installation
- SVG output support
- Measure tool using polygon (IE and Gecko only)
- Complete privilege management with users/groups
- Automatic metadata creation (using GetInformationSchema)
- Debian package (partial configuration done, in progress)
- Lot of bug fixes... read more

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2005-10-25

Musmap 0.9.0-beta: testers needed

Musmap 0.9 is pending now, just some testing is needed to find bugs.
You can find beta version at
You can find nightly development version at

Please help me to make musmap free of bugs.

Musmap is a web mapping interface which has an advanced users/profiles management system.
More information at

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2005-05-31

Musmap 0.8.0 released (aka 1.0RC)

Musmap is a web mapping application build with PHP/Mapscript.
Musmap provides a lot of feautres:
- query by point (click) and box
- query by form (administrable)
- query results can be stored (some known bugs here)
- zoom, pan, ...

and advanced features ...
- map configuration (using a tree-view called "profile explorer") with a
class wizard (select a field, choose min and max values : it will make
graduating colors)
- users and groups administration (privileges)
- metadata with label, column type, joins, ... used for query results
(from an address you can go to a road if they are linked, and from a
road you can see all of its adresses !)
- a lot of mapserver features are available and customizable
(projections, ogr, wms, wfs, ...)
- Musmap is a multilingual application, currently french and english are
completely done
- i should forget a lot... read more

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2005-02-14

Musmap 0.7.0 released !

Musmap is a web interface to UMN mapserver. It provides users and profiles management, advanced queries and selections, automatic decodification of columns with joins, easy-to-use configuration (colors, ...)... and so on.

This version increase easiness and fix a lot of bugs.
release info:
more info:

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2005-01-04

Musmap 0.6.3 released

Musmap is a web GIS system. Built with PHP and UMN Mapserver, it allows advanced management of various dynamicaly created maps.
Advanced users management and powerfull administration interface.

This version add a lot of new features like the wizard to quickly create layer classes.
Musmap is at beta stage but quite stable.

Please test it and report any request.

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2004-11-11

MUSMAP 0.5.2 released

Musmap is a web mapping application build on UMN Mapserver.

See also the changelog.

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2004-09-13

Musmap 0.5.0 released

Many requested features like columns visibility, internationalization, relations from primary key to foreign key.

* Columns visibility (default)
* Columns visibility (profile override). Caution : No user interface for this enhancement
* i18n (internationalization) & l10n (localization) / javascript part
* User deletion. You should choose between deleting profiles or assigning them to another user
* Links from Primary Key to Foreign Key (to alpha tables)
* Profile explorer in the profiles menu
Profile explorer as a small window, closing when login out
* i18n (internationalization) & l10n (localization)
* Links from Primary Key to Foreign Key (works only with shapefiles)

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2004-08-31

Musmap 0.4.1 released

Musmap is a web mapping application with advanced profiles management and user-friendly display settings (colors, ...)

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2004-08-04


Musmap is a web map interface, using php and mapscript. It provides professionnal viewer with users and profiles management.

Posted by Mathieu PARENT 2004-07-24