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A gallery of all logo sublissions have been created. I'll soon have a poll to select the winner. URL:

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-06-13

Musicqueue 1.2.0 released

This release contains new translations to Dutch, Italian, German & French. A song info page and a preferences page has been added so users can set their theme through cookies. Several bugs have also been fixed.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-05-21

Musicqueue 1.1.3 released

This release contains many small bugfixes and optimizations. But the big new features is several new translations and ability to display images and text files.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-05-07

Musicqueue 1.1.2 released

Popular songs are played more often when playing randomly, directories can be shown in front of song names, fixed pause & skip bug with some versions of glibc, implemented an exec on upload function & various small fixes.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-05-03

Binary i386 package for 1.1.1 available

I've released a binary tarball for musicqueue 1.1.1 for i386 with libgcgi statically linked. Installation of this couldn't be easier, just extract it in your public_html directory and rename the directory to whatever you want.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-05-01

Musicqueue 1.1.1 released

Changed the communications from a FIFO to an ordinary file. Fixes some problems people have experienced.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-04-29

Musicqueue 1.1.0 released

This release includes many changes from 1.0.0. A few bugs have been squashed, voting has been optimized, a new style has been added, all system() dependancy has been removed to prevent permission issues, an option to hide suffixes has been
added and admin users can now pause and skip songs.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-04-28

Musicqueue 1.0.0 released

This release fixes some permission issues, a serious bug in the playlist, searching has been greatly improved and a statistics mode has been added that shows the last played songs, the most popular etc.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-04-17

Musicqueue 1.0.0-rc1 released

In this release the code has undergone some major internal change. This fixes a lot of previous issues with the enqueue mode.
New is also that you can set a timeframe that no song will be played twice in. Songs that have already been played will be marked in red in the playlist (depends on the theme).
Lots of bugfixes as well. But there are still some TODOs that need to be done before 1.0.0

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-04-11

Musicqueue 0.9.2 released

This release fixed some more issues. The enqueue mode still needs some fixing before we reach 1.0

Important changes:
Finished upload mode, a new logo, all generated pages are HTML 4.01 compliant, added logging support to playnext & new make target "install-suid" that installs with suid permissions.

Posted by Erik Dalén 2002-04-02

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