#9 ability to embed fonts in PDF documents


Wouldn't it be possible that Multivalent would be able
to embed fonts (with and without subsetting them) into
PDF files that doesn't have one or more fonts embedded?

And also being able to change the embedding of a font
from partial to full would be extremely helpful.

Both would be really useful features.


  • Tom Phelps

    Tom Phelps - 2006-03-15

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    Font embedding is on the priority list.

    Why would one want to replace a subsetted font with the full one, which would
    be larger.

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez - 2006-03-15

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    It would be a workaround for joining documents with the same
    subsetted font.

    So repeated repeated full fonts could be erased and the
    resulting one could be subsetted.

    So the resulting file would be smaller.

  • Tom Phelps

    Tom Phelps - 2006-03-16

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    I see your point, but I'm skeptical that expanded subsetted fonts to full would
    be effective in practice. Fonts are embedded when they are not common, so
    it would be unlikely that the full font would be available locally. Or if the full
    fonts are available, simply unembed fonts (tool.pdf.Compress), merge, then

    I have seen cases of different font subsets in PDFs one would like to merge in
    big books and magazines that are split by the publisher and distributed by
    article or chapter. Where are you seeing lots of cases you want to handle in
    this way?

  • Pablo Rodriguez

    Pablo Rodriguez - 2006-03-16

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    Being able to embed fonts in documents with no fonts at all
    is useful (and not only for the purposes described on this

    There a not so many files that require I would handle this
    way, but there are some. (Only being able to embed the font
    will do the work.)


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