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Multi Gnome Terminal 1.5.0 is out

This a major release and it has many enhancements with respect to 1.4.x such as terminal splitting (vertical and horizontal), terminal
bonding, "views", new command line options to add tabs or split existing ones,
text shadowing, possibility to detach/attach terminals.
Moreover I fixed also several bugs, especially in terminal emulator which is now a real VT102.

Posted by De Michele Cristiano 2002-06-15

New Multi Gnome Terminal major release is out!

MGT 1.4.0 is out with a lot of enhancements and bug fixings
main new features are support for custom keybindings,
startup tabs, font shadowing (like Eterm), multibyte support, and a new configuration scheme much more sensible.
Moreover I partially rewrote the terminal emulator
making MGT compliant with vttest program,
i.e. MGT now fully emulates VT100, VT220, VT52 and xterm terminals.

Posted by De Michele Cristiano 2002-04-27

Multi Gnome Terminal 1.3.0 is out!

Many enhancements have been added: the background pixmap can be tinted and shaded as Eterm does;
Background image can be scaled or tiled; you can remove classes,which you don't need any more; each terminal can set its window
title (by escape sequences for example) and switching terminal, window title switches too, besides you can put titles in tabs if you
want, and you can even choose the maximum lenght of tab text!

Posted by De Michele Cristiano 2001-10-11


multignometerm project is started! a lot
of extensions to gnome-terminal.c already implemented: my multignometerm handles many
terminals in the same window, fast switching,
execution of user defined commands in new terminals and much more. Go to get the last stable
binaries or sources!

Posted by De Michele Cristiano 2001-08-28

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