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v0.2a released!

As of today, v0.2a of MTL irc2msn is now available to download and install directly from Sourceforge.

With irc2msn you can now stay in touch with your friends who use MSN without ever having to leave the comfort of your IRC client. Why use a second IM client when no other IM client in the world can ever rival the power of your favourite IRC client?

v0.2a gets MTL irc2msn back online and connecting to the MSN messenger network, as well as adding some nice new features and slightly more robust code.... read more

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2009-10-24


Today sees the pre-alpha version of MTL irc2msn being made available in the subversion repositories. This is the first version of MTL irc2msn to connect to the MSN network for a great many years.

This version is far from complete and only has basic features available, but right now it is possible to connect to the MSN network, retrieve your contact list, receive messages from your friends and send messages back to them.... read more

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2009-10-17


I've removed the CVS application and I am in the process of creating a subversion repository to host the application. Please stand by.

This is being done as CVS is not the best for managing code, in my opinion. Subversion is a nicer tool for code management, and is what I am more familiar with. More regular updates will be simpler with Subversion.

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2009-10-09

Moving again...

After a very long and disappointing period of inactivity during which this application has not been working, I am looking into it once again. I have ideas that will drive this forward in a big way: IM gateways have moved on a lot in the last 5 years or so that this project has been inactive, and it's time to bring MTL irc2msn into that brave new world.

I plan to use Kraken ( as a gateway from an IRC client (everyone's favourite IM client, right) to ... well, just about everything else. It can handle XMPP (Jabber), AIM, MSN, Yahoo (I believe), and more...

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2009-09-29

Messaging Available

It connects to MSN, you can talk to people and they can talk to you. Currently it's not much use to the average user as it doesn't allow you to alias users (most of the capability is there, it just needs finishing) and currently there's no way of finding out who is online.

However it shouldn't take too long to get it to a state that's okay to release. Expect a release some time soon.

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2004-10-24

It connects to MSN...

I've got the code to the stage where it's possible to connect to the IRC "server", and automatically connect to MSN. No message-sending or receiving yet, but it won't be long.

MSN username and password can be sent to the IRC "server" on startup making it considerably easier to connect to MSN, and more secure as there is no risk of the username and password winding up in the IRC logs.

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2004-10-24

We have a winner

I originally planned to rewrite irc2msn using the MSNj libraries. However they seem to be very much outdated. Instead I decided to try the TjMSNLib which have proved far better. I've now reached a stage where I can sign in, change my display name and get a list of online users from the server. This is the basic functionality that the original version supplied.

What's even better is that TjMSNLib provides many additional features that I will be able to incorporate in irc2msn in the future.... read more

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2004-10-23

Rewrite Underway

I am beginning work to rewrite irc2msn. One of the libraries that irc2msn relies on broke when MSN changed their protocols, and the newer version of that library doesn't seem to work much better, so I have decided to use a different library. In doing so I am going to have to fully rewrite the software.

Posted by Matthew Lowe 2004-10-22