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We're not dead yet!

With the new GNOME 2.2, the theme system has been redrawn. The MSX GNOME Themes project is aware of it and is working to provide a GNOME 2.2 icon theme. I don't know when... :/

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2003-02-16

Nautilus theme 0.3.1

Hard work is being done on Nautilus theme, and some of this can be seen on this release.

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-22

Nautilus theme 0.2 released

A new version of the Nautilus theme released - small bug corrections and a new icon thrown.

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-14

New (and important) releases of Metacity and GTK+ themes

New Metacity and GTK themes released.

With this, we achieve two short-term goals:

- Consistency between Metacity, Nautilus and GTK+
- Themeing for both GTK+1.2 and GTK+2

The GTK+1.2 theme is still far from the quality of the GTK+2 theme; it still needs work.

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-13

MSXcity and GTKMSX

MSXcity was updated to 0.2; also, GTKMSX appeared on the files section. Homepage hasn't updated yet.

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-04

MSXcity theme 0.1

With the 0.1 release, the MSXcity is now online! You can theme your Metacity a la MSX :)

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-03

Nautilus theme v.0.1

The MSX GNOME project officially kickstarted today! Our first theme, for Nautilus, is now online, on its version 0.1.

Posted by Cesar Cardoso 2002-09-02