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Msieve v1.53 released

This update contains many important bug fixes, plus primality proving and use of updated CUDA libraries

Posted by jasonp_sf 2016-11-11

Msieve v1.52 Available

This release adds several important bug fixes plus a major overhaul of the linear algebra, which is now much faster and scales much better on modern CPUs.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2014-02-05

Msieve v1.51 available

This release adds an enormous speedup for NFS polynomial selection running on graphics cards, along with many fixes, updated documentation and a much cleaner build system

Posted by jasonp_sf 2013-02-17

Msieve v1.50 released

This version includes many improvements to GNFS polynomial selection, especially the graphics card branch.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2012-02-03

Msieve v1.49 Released

An incremental release with several important bug fixes, completely revamped documentation and many improvements in GNFS polynomial selection

Posted by jasonp_sf 2011-06-16

Msieve v1.48 released

This version includes a major overhaul of NFS polynomial selection, along with some bug fixes and an MPI speedup in the linear algebra.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2011-01-08

Msieve v1.47 Released

This version include some bug fixes in the NFS linear algebra, as well as a little tuning for the new Fermi GPU from Nvidia. If you have a Fermi card and are using the precompiled GPU binary, replace the PTX files with those in the 'fermi' subdirectory.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2010-09-19

Msieve v1.46 released

This release includes new support for parallel linear algebra using MPI, as well as improved Nvidia GPU code and new degree-6 polynomial selection.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2010-07-31

Msieve v1.45 released

This release features many performance improvements and fixes to NFS polynomial selection; it also includes a merge of the CPU and GPU algorithms

Posted by jasonp_sf 2010-04-22

Msieve v1.44 released

This release contains code that uses Nvidia graphics cards to search for GNFS polynomials, as well as a few small fixes

Posted by jasonp_sf 2010-02-05

Msieve version 1.43 now available

This version contains many cleanups and bug fixes. An experimental branch is now available with code that lets Nvidia graphics cards perform some of the steps in NFS polynomial selection (and hopefully more than that someday!)

Posted by jasonp_sf 2009-10-18

Msieve version 1.42 now available

Msieve is the result of a multi-year development effort to create a sophisticated library for integer factorization. The v1.42 release is the first to be hosted on SourceForge.

Posted by jasonp_sf 2009-07-20