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Move to github

This project is being moved to github. In the process, it is being expanded by a merge with two other libaries: libagf and ctraj since the both of them use the "libpetey" library as a dependency. You can find the new project here:

Posted by Peter Mills 2015-07-27

Error in NEWS file

Note: the NEWS file concatinates changes for both revision 289 and 312 so that they both fall under revision 312. Note that there are very few changes to r. 312. The NEWS file will be corrected in subsequent releases.

Posted by Peter Mills 2014-04-15

libpetey revision 312 released

New in this version:
- improvements in sparse_calc sparse matrix calculator
- refinements to supernewton root-finder
- namespaces
Check the NEWS file for more details.

Posted by Peter Mills 2014-04-15

libpetey revision 289 released

This version has been released in conjunction with a new version of ctraj. The date calculator is now included in the makefile and installation and has been refined somewhat. It is needed in ctraj. The sparse matrix calculator has been vastly expanded and refined. It is extremely useful for working with output from the ctraj tracer simulation. The Gaspard-Rice simulator can also output sparse matrices representing the Laplace equation corresponding to the system.... read more

Posted by Peter Mills 2013-08-05

Revision 238 released

Numerous bug fixes with this latest revision. A bare-bones sparse calculator program is now working, though it needs a load of testing and many important features are missing.

Posted by Peter Mills 2012-12-12

Revision 141 released

New in this version:
- subroutine to parse command options that's easier to use than getopt
- utilities for eigenvalue decomposition of sparse matrices
- subroutine to read in whole ascii files
- and much more...

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-11-07

petey releases version 69

libpetey has been moved from the libagf distribution to msci. It has also been migrated to svn. To better support the ctraj project, it now includes libraries for sparse matrices and specialized datasets.

Posted by Peter Mills 2011-05-02