#23 Compilation errors and processing of key events


I found some bugs in the current review (#1346) of the SVN development repository. Two of them don't allow the library to compile on Linux (Ubuntu Karmic 2.6.31-16-generic #53)

Compile errors (mostly syntactic) on the following files:
1. src/core/system/os.cpp
lines 1767 to 1704: two #endif's for #ifdef, replace the "#endif" in line 1701 for an "#else" ;)
line 1740 says "sched_param.sched_priority", should be "param.sched_priority" ;)

2. samples/rovio_test/test.cpp
(several lines) all the invocations to createThread failed to find the correct method implementation, forcing a "static_cast<void*>" to the data parameter helped.

Runtime bug:
1. src/core/gui/CDisplayWindow3D.cpp
lines 111 to 114, function MyGLCanvas_DisplayWindow3D::OnKeyDownCustom
remove the comment to GetParent()->ProcessEvent(ev); line, OTHERWISE KEYS EVENTS ARE NOT PROCESSED!!!!
I removed the comment and key events are back

Best Regards.


  • miyamoto musashi

    A simple patch obtained from svn diff to "correct" (amend) the above problems

  • J.L. Blanco

    J.L. Blanco - 2009-12-15

    Thanks again Miyamoto!
    I'll upload your proposed changes to the SVN head tonight.

  • J.L. Blanco

    J.L. Blanco - 2009-12-15
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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