#21 Need to buy "Plus" version of Yahoo, etc.?



I'm very new at this. My basic question is, if I were
to use MrPostman to automatically download emails from
Yahoo, Hotmail, Gmail, Hushmail, etc., into Thunderbird
email client, whether I would have to purchase the
"Plus" versions of the above email accounts? It seems
I've read that only paid "Plus" versions of email
accounts allow for popper downloads into email clients.
Am I right about that, or does MrPostman & Thunderbird
download emails from the free accounts of webmail
providers? Thanks for your help & advice.


  • Martin Vlcek

    Martin Vlcek - 2005-11-20

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    MrPostman provides a POP3 server for supported webmail
    accounts, i.e. your email client talks with MrPostman as
    with any POP3 server and MrPostman then fetches the HTML
    pages from your webmail provider and converts them to POP3.
    Thus you don't need the "Plus" versions for e.g. yahoo and
    However, the the "Plus" versions might include additional
    features and accessing their POP3 server directly will
    ensure that you receive all emails exactly as they were
    sent, while with MrPostman the webmail provider converts the
    email to web pages and MrPostman converts them back to
    emails, thus information (mainly formatting) might be lost.

    The other direction - sending email - is not well supported
    by MrPostman (see help of MrPostman for more details), you
    should use the SMTP server of your ISP.

    You can try out MrPostman with the free webmail accounts and
    switch to the "Plus" accounts anytime later, if you need the
    additional features or are not satisfied with the converted
    emails received by MrPostman. You will only have to switch
    your email client from accessing MrPostman to accessing the
    POP3 server of your webmail provider.

    BTW, google mail provides POP3 access for free (MrPostman
    supports it anyway for historical reasons), Hushmail is not
    supported by MrPostman.

  • Simus1

    Simus1 - 2005-11-21

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    Thanks, mvlcek, that is the type of thorough and helpful
    response I had been looking for elsewhere!

    So, for all outgoing emails from Thunderbird, I should (for
    now) use not MrPostman but the SMTP server of my ISP.

    One last question, please: Is there a difference in speed
    of download of emails (or in automation of download of
    emails) whether I configure my email accounts in Thunderbird
    according to MrPostman or the individual email provider's
    POP3 server? In other words, putting aside MrPostman's
    ability to fetch mail from free email accounts that usually
    do not provide POP3 access for free (such as Hotmail and
    Yahoo), does using MrPostman provide automation ability or
    speed of download that is not possible with traditional
    access to POP3 servers?

  • Martin Vlcek

    Martin Vlcek - 2005-11-21

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    Direct POP3 access is always faster because fewer steps are
    involved (with MrPostman the webmail provider makes a POP3
    access to build the web page(s), which are then transferred
    to your computer by MrPostman and converted to POP3 mails).
    You might even increase the timeout value of email client
    when using MrPostman with especially slow webmail providers.

    Currently MrPostman has no additional features regarding the
    access of webmail accounts.

  • Martin Vlcek

    Martin Vlcek - 2005-12-02
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