Martin Vlcek - 2006-01-07

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I have already thought about that to have a version for my
mobile phone (for my company mail account - OWA, of course).

However, it just supports Java MIDP 1.0, which causes (at
least) the following problems:
- no https connections available (seems to be available in
MIDP 2.0)
- no server sockets (MrPostman is a server, to which the
email client must connect) (seems to be available in MIDP 2.0)
- no regular expressions (might use jakarta-regexp from
times before Java 1.4, but there are some differences)
- the library http-client, which is responsible e.g. for
cookie handling, won't work with the MIDP http(s)
connections, so this has to be coded in MrPostman.
- no file system available (but the scripts could be
included within the program, which would make updates a bit
more difficult)
- different GUI or just configure the program on the PC and
than transfer it to the mobile device?

And of course I don't know, if the memory and processor
speed are sufficient for extensive pattern matching to get
the mail information from the webmail pages.

So I would say, it is not possible with MIDP 1.0 devices,
but could be done with MIDP 2.0 devices like Windows Mobile
However, I don't have such a device, so I don't think this
will be done in the near future.