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I've just uploaded the first release of this project, v. 0.1.2755.

It's a very rough release, hasn't been modified since 2004, however I've updated it to VS2005. If there is any demand for it, I can provide a VS2003 version.

This will possibly be the last C# release, as I may move to VB2005, depending on if I can re-implement the unsafe code some other way in VB2005.

Posted by Jamie Fraser 2007-07-18


After a long absence, I have re-activated this project, and aim to release the Alpha code within a couple of weeks.

Alpha code is in C#, and the Beta will also be written in C#.

Posted by Jamie Fraser 2007-06-28

Release schedule

The first version (written in C#) should be released in the not too distant future. The delay has been caused because the project was initially written as a final year univerisity project, but as of 1st September I am no longer a student, and can choose to do whatever with my code.

So, in short, it should be released fairly soon.

Posted by Jamie Fraser 2004-08-31

Current status and Java

Currently the software is written in C# - this provides benefits and drawbacks. Performance (I believe) would be improved noticably by porting to Java. I am considering doing either:

a) Porting the C# version to Java and discontiuning the C# version


b) Porting the C# version to Java and continuing the C# version


c) Doing b) but concentrating on one version, with the other version lagging behind somewhat.... read more

Posted by Jamie Fraser 2004-05-01

Mars Rover Stereo Reconstruction

This project is a continuation of work I did for my final year honours project in Applied Computing.

Effectively it is a vision system for a Mars Rover, reconstructing a Depth Map from a pair of images taken using a Stereo Rig. However it will be adapted for use within other environments, and allow hazard identification via the Depth Map.

Currently the software runs on win32, in a non-autonomous fashion - basically the user has to manually load an image pair and perform several steps to create the Depth Map. This will be changed in the next version, allowing a start-and-go mode of operation.... read more

Posted by Jamie Fraser 2004-04-30

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