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Mr. DJ will not be continued anymore

The Mr. DJ project will not be continued. I still keep the project page files and website on SourceForge, but I won't make any further development because I don't have enough time for it. If you're interested to continue with the Mr. DJ project, you can contact me by mail.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2002-04-27

Mr. DJ 1.2.1 released

Mr. DJ 1.2.1 is now released. You can find the translation files on the project site, Various bugs are fixed. This is our new and STABLE recommended version.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2002-01-27

Mr. DJ 1.2.0 released

Mr. DJ 1.2.0 is released. This version is a beta version, and we recommend updating only if you want to use AudioScript.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2002-01-08

Site Online

The site is online! Visit him at

Posted by Geert Wirken 2001-12-29

Mr. DJ 1.1.8 released

Mr. DJ 1.1.8 is released. We recommend everyone to upgrade to this version, with multilangual support and keyboard shortcuts.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2001-12-29

Documentation Updated

The documentation is currently being writed, but if you like you can translate parts of the documentation to your own language. This also for the program, in version 1.1.8 will have Language Support.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2001-12-27

Mr. DJ 1.1.7 released

Mr. DJ 1.1.7 has been released. This version is stable and we recommend using this version.

Posted by Geert Wirken 2001-12-27