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Cago DJ
  • Cago DJ

    Cago DJ - 2013-02-15

    GREAT PROGRAM!!!!!! One of the best I have seen

    Two things….Search can it find more then just the one file.  Example search for song title and three artist have done that song, The search just finds the first one only.

    I was looking over the ini file and don't see if mpxplay 1.60 could write to a text file what was played this would be a great

    Can it do that?

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2013-02-18


    1. I don't see this problem. Are you sure that all ID3 tags are loaded properly (using -ipl option)?
    And you talk about the alt-'a'-'z' search? The up/donw arrows search for the prev/next entry.

    2. Sorry, I don't plan to implement such thing…

  • Cago DJ

    Cago DJ - 2013-02-23

    Thanks, I didn't see that in the search before

    WOW you have done a great job.

    The reason for writing to a text file is when I run a radio show I need to print out play list of all songs used during my show.
    Second when I mobile dj a gig I look back over the list played many times this helps when I get a request and then I can see what the song was….That was the reason to write what was played to a text file…

  • Mpxplay

    Mpxplay - 2013-02-25
    1. The search method is a general old behavior at file-commanders.
      But I've already modified it to a new one: filter the list/dir by search result (only display entries by search result).
      The latter will be the default method from the next release (but you can switch back to the old one).

    2. I see what you need, but the playlist handling is already too messy, I don't want to insert such function into it.


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