how to use mplayerplug-in with -playlist ?

  • magnesium

    magnesium - 2006-12-02

    In my ubuntu edgy box with mplayer 0.99+1.0pre8, mozilla-mplayer 3.31-1, firefox 2.0,
    the following url plays with mplayer with the -playlist option, but not without:

    mplayer -playlist ""

    (in case the url above do not work, go to, click on any 'free (passe livre)' movie icon, and then use the mozilla-player's 'copy url' pop-up menu option to replace it).

    It seems that the provided urls contain a playlist instead of a direct video stream.
    Even though it is easy to instruct mplayer to play the list with the -playlist option
    at the console, I could find no way to instruct the same in the mozilla-mplayer.
    How can I force a playlist when using mozilla-mplayer? The config files do not
    contain anything on this subject.

    Thanks in advance for any information on how to do this, and a suggestion to
    add this feature if it is not yet available,


    ps: I believe that mozilla-mplayer would benefit of automatically detecting a
    playlist instead of a direct video stream, or at least have an option to
    force the playlist.

    • Kevin DeKorte

      Kevin DeKorte - 2006-12-02

      I believe this problem is fixed in the CVS version of mplayerplug-in. I'm hoping to do a release soon. That should contain these fixes, but having you test CVS would ensure the problem is fixed.

    • magnesium

      magnesium - 2006-12-05

      Hi, Kevin, thanks for the prompt answer.
      I compiled and used today's cvs version but there is still something wrong. It seems that the cvs version is correctly detecting the playlist and going through it, but after initializing, it shows half a dozen times the sequence 'connecting, connected, playing, buffering, (blink), stopped', where in (blink) it plays the sequence for less than half a second (sound/image) and then stops before repeating the sequence once more, which is weird because in mplayer -playlist it works fine. Once, by chance, one of these sequences ended up in a working video inside firefox, but I was never able to repeat it again. Is there a way for me to collect a log of the error messages? they don't seem to be directed to stderr. 
      Is it feasible for you to try to play one of the free short movies in (click on any 'passe livre' movie icon) and see what happens on your box?

      • Kevin DeKorte

        Kevin DeKorte - 2006-12-05

        They don't work with my mplayer for SVN. They cause mplayer to crash.

        • Kevin DeKorte

          Kevin DeKorte - 2006-12-05

          Actually, I just tried it again... with CVS mplayerplug-in and mplayer fresh and it is now working for me...

          You can see a screen shot here...

          • magnesium

            magnesium - 2006-12-08

            thanks for testing! using mplayerplug-in CVS and mplayer SVN really solved the problem.
            extra marks for mplayerplug-in! and a new test case to show off!


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