#2 add support for shoutcast streaming

Joe Drew
Patches (14)

This add support to play shoutcast streaming audio for
mpg321. I try to brake as little as possible.
I need to modify :
if (current_frame > playbuf->num_frames)
because when we play (socket) stream
$playbuf->num_frames isn't calculate.

Shoutcast from Nullsoft recognize some User Agent and
display a html page, not the audio stream. With lynx a
need to use:
lynx -useragent="foobar" http://localhost:8000/ -source

It seems that mpg321 can't play sound if it isn't a
file. Try to play a mp3 other a http regular file.


  • Joe Drew

    Joe Drew - 2002-02-19

    Logged In: YES

    This patch is applied in CVS. Please test it to make sure
    everything works for you - if it doesn't, I'll be glad to
    hear about it. I think network streams should work fine,
    except for buffering (Which I will implement soon).

    Thanks again!

  • Joe Drew

    Joe Drew - 2002-02-19
    • status: open --> closed-accepted

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