#2 Adding/Editing of nero-style Chapters in udta atom


as you mabye already know the mp4 container is missing
an important feature which other containers like
matroska or ogm offer:

of course its possible to create chapters via mpeg-4
systems, but this needs an own systems encoder which
maybe is an overkill for such a task and also doesnt
really exist atm for dshow, which most people still use

therefore the guys from ahead created some private
chapter information which they add in the udta atom
(user stuff)
currently the nero recode2 encoding tool sets this
chapter info in mp4, 3ivx is working on adding this feature
playback works with the nero and 3ivx dshow filter
already and with the firmware of the upcoming new
sigmadesigns mpeg-4 decoder chip (according to ahead)

basically my feature request would be to ask you if it
maybe would be possible to add the function to mp4ui to
allow adding such chapters, editing of these or at least
the display of these

thanks :)


  • Markus Brenner

    Markus Brenner - 2004-05-21

    Logged In: YES

    same as with subtitles: without specs/information on how
    both works I cannot add this

  • bond

    bond - 2004-05-22

    Logged In: YES

    yes, there are no publicly available specs and maybe never
    will be :(
    you would have to reverese engineer the way the chapters
    are placed in udta, like the 3ivx guys did too (according to
    them its pretty simple)
    (basically like it had to be reverse engineered how itunes
    stores tags in mp4)

    how nero places subtitles in .mp4 is specified in the mpeg-4
    its a systems track (mp4s) with private trackid, following the
    standard how not defined streams should be placed in .mp4


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