An MP3 file is strange played

  • printer

    printer - 2006-08-07

    I have a MP3 file that mp3blaster play very strange: it skipped a 7-8 second during playing

    This is about mp3blaster:
    mp3blaster version 3.2.2 -
    Supported audio formats: mp3 wav ogg sid                     
    Supported audio output drivers: oss sdl esd                  
    Build features: pthreads                                     
    This is about OS:
    FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p4 FreeBSD 4.11-RELEASE-p4 #15: Wed Apr 19 16:56:37 MSD 2006  i386                                          

    • Bram Avontuur

      Bram Avontuur - 2006-08-25

      Can you run mp3blaster with the -d option?
      By default, it dumps the debug info in ~/.mp3blaster

      Post the (relevant) bits here. Usually you'll see something about 'bad frames' at about the time the skipping occurs. This indicates that the mp3 data is damaged.

    • Danilo

      Danilo - 2007-07-05


      i have a similar (or the same?) problem. i installed mp3blaster today, and if i play my mp3 files, they are played too fast. it skips little chunks of the song.
      when i ran mp3blaster in debug mode it said:

      Found a bogus header (or EOF?) Resetting..
      Found a bogus header (or EOF?) Resetting..

      this goes on several pages.

      the mp3 files are OK, i tried several different ones. any idea what the problem is?

      my OS is openSUSE 10.2 and i have mp3blaster v3.2.3.

    • Michael Fuchs

      Michael Fuchs - 2008-05-07

      same problem here. many skips of 2-5 seconds

      same debug output.
      it also happens with ogg files.

      kernel 2.6.24 (tickless)
      mp3blaster 3.2.3

    • Tobien Rieper

      Tobien Rieper - 2008-05-08

      Try to increase number of threads ( using -t option ), from manual page:

          Numbers of threads to use for buffering. Range is 0..500 in increments of 50. 0 threads means no buffering (thus no hickup prevention).

      Or 'on the fly' I think by using '[' and ']' keys...


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