• pepe

    pepe - 2006-03-02


    I'm using mp3blaster for about 2 years now...the idea of a hierarchical playlist is just great.. :)

    I do have two suggestions, however:


    I(and other people too, i guess) have already sorted their files in a hierarchy they like, using filesystem folders. A function that translates this hierarchy into a playlist (using groups as folders) would be cool.


    The help-screen at the top is problably only useful for beginners. And scrolling through the list is not very comfortable. A concept like in mutt oder slrn, which show only one line of often used shortcuts which are possible right now and where you can see other shortcuts by typing "h" may be more userfriedly..

    please send questions/comments to

    greetings from germany,

    • Fábio Emilio Costa

      Could mp3blaster be a MPD client? That's could be a cool feature...

    • ilf

      ilf - 2006-08-12

      i agree with pepe that the help-screen should be optional and could be commented out in .mp3blasterrc

    • Dralnu

      Dralnu - 2006-08-23

      Hmm, I'm with #2 suggestion of pepe. It would cut down on the screen size :)

      I want to see mp3blaster turned into something light(er).

    • Bram Avontuur

      Bram Avontuur - 2006-08-25

      Re hierarchical playlist importer: Yes, this is something that I wanted to implement for a long time myself. Currently, it can only add directories 1 level deep.

      #2 disabling help screen: This will be the first thing I'll do. It's been bugging me for a long time, just need to find the guts to touch the interface code again.

    • nexxu

      nexxu - 2006-09-04

      1: Instead of [Default] you could use [username]
      2: It would be nice that by default you can also use 
      [zxcvb] to control play pause etc
      and [rs] repeat shuffle
      3: Q: Can suffle be enabled by default ? as a switch or something like that ( mp3blaster --suffle )
      4: no help screen would be great :)
      mp3blaster --help-screen to have the help screen would be nice .. just a thought
      5: The time is messed up for very long files (13h or so :) )
      6: Add url support
      7: Add a side scroll bar or something so you can have some ideea where you are in the playlist + maybe add an other mode for [F] that shows the numbers of the playlist entries
      8: Somehow improve the search option cuz it's really hard to select the song you are looking for
      you could make it jump to the closest to what you are typing and act like more/less acts when you search + after that to disable case sensitive
      9: change the mixer somehow so you can see all the channels ...something like alsamixer ... you could bind a key that shows all the channels only when you need to see all of them

      anyway ... just some ideeas
      hope you like them and thank you for mp3blaster

    • Jo Vandermeeren

      Jo Vandermeeren - 2006-12-14

      Why not make mp3blaster a mixing tool as well?
      - split-screen view of two mp3blaster instances
      - mixing bar at the bottom
      - customizable keymap
      - modal support: single-instance-mode, mixing-mode, newbie-mode, etc
      - customizable modes

      These would all be great features!



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